Saturday, June 2, 2007


Geez I'm tired. So tired. Like the kind of tired you go see the doctor for. But the doctor is stumped so far, so I'm still just tired. Bleh. I seriously feel like I could sleep all day and I don't want to do ANYTHING else. Like I don't want to sew or craft and half the time when it's bed time I don't even want to brush my teeth or anything - just get me to bed!

So any and all sewing/quilting/crafty project is slowed to a near halt.

But I did manage to sew the binding onto the batik cats quilt, which I finished quilting a while ago and sewed the binding on awhile ago but didn't get around to hand sewing it down on the back until this past week. But it is done and being soaked to remove marks as we speak. Here's a not-very-good picture:


It's about 48" x 58". And has no home. Here's a close up of the quilting. It's just diagonal lines that change direction here and there.


It was done with pearl cotton - why does that seem like SUCH a better way to hand quilt?? I don't know, but it does.

Here's the latest batch of Stars Around the World blocks. First the block I received from Gill in Cyprus and second the one that I've got going out to Annette in Utah:



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Rebel said...

That cat quilt is amazing! I love the look of applique even if I never want to do it! Especially the batiks against black, it looks really good.

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