Thursday, July 10, 2008

Charm Squares

I did some sewing so I am checking back in here. It is the same project I was working on a couple posts ago, but I actually assembled the top finally and put a border on so it is ready to be basted and quilted.


A friend who I was close to in college got married over the weekend - actually the groom was a friend of mine, too, in college. I did not have the means to make it to Washington DC for the wedding, but I decided that I wanted to finish this quilt for them - ideally within the month. I ordered my favorite fusible bat to speed the process along, so hopefully when it gets here I'll be able to move forward with basting and quilting and get it in the mail soonish.


With the border it is 60"x70".

I have another week of vacation available to me whenever I decide to take it now, so I'm trying to figure out a plan that would allow me to get some sewing in. I've been thinking very quilty but not actually doing much - but at least I finally got my machine out!

My Favorite Quilt Pics From Flickr Users