Monday, February 27, 2012

Good Intentions

So since I have been making my return to creativity I've been thinking about checking out the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild with an eye towards making some creative friends and finding new ways to challenge myself.  I was planning to make the February meeting my first.  I cleared my schedule for it, planned my route, and started something for the February project, quilts for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.  The only mistake I made was making a mental note that the meetings started at 4:00 PM.  Then, as you've probably imagined, when I was on my way out the door (literally, with coat on & purse in hand) and went to the website to write down the exact address of the meeting place...I realized the meeting started at 2:00.  Unfortunately I was already running about 15-20 minutes late so I decided it wasn't going to be worth it to spend an hour and a half on the train in order to be at the meeting for probably 40 minutes!

So maybe I'll make the March meeting?

Ah well.

AAQI Quilt Top

I guess the good thing is that it inspired me to start this AAQI quilt, which I will still finish and donate.  I'm thinking I'll add some embroidery but I haven't decided exactly what yet.  Then quilt it up and send it in.  I'm very much hoping not to lose steam on it - I mean none of this should take very long, so it's a good test of my New Year's follow through...

Goldfinch Detail

The colors of AAQI quilt

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Stripes

Random Stripes in the sun

Extended post title: Random Stripes -or- Something I Actually Finished (Or At Least Finished The Top Of)

I have been calling this project "Random Stripes" because it is an improv variation of the traditional Roman Stripes pattern.  It is inspired by an antique quilt I saw in a book (stay tuned for me to figure out which book it was and give it credit here) and wanted to create my own "version" of.

I first declared this top to be "done" many years ago when it was just the center part with the blue border.  Then, before I got around to finishing it, I decided it needed something more and at someone's suggestion decided to add more pieced borders to it.

Then I put it in a pile where it sat for several more years.

I took it out again recently a decided it was finally time to do something with it.  After experimenting with a few possibilities I decided to try adding a row of blocks on top and bottom.  Once that was done, although there are a million other things I suppose I could do with it, I think it actually feels "done" to me.

Random Stripes Overall View

Maybe I should say "done for now" given the history, but I have a feeling I'll stick with this.

It's pretty "random" as the name suggests, but I think it will make a fun toddler quilt for a little one to play on and with.  Or even possibly a nice lap quilt for a suitably "random" adult.  I'm not sure where it's going to end up yet, so we shall see!  It is 44ish x 62ish inches.

Random Stripes cloes up

In other news, I have a three day weekend!  And I have to tell you I'm feeling quite extremely favorable towards three day weekends just at the moment!   I have to be grateful for work since I would never be able to enjoy time off so much if it weren't for work.  Right?  Right?

Hope you're all doing well out there in blogland :)

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