Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blue Stars

Another quick share:

Blue Stars


I creatively refer to this as the "blue stars" quilt. I made this quilt (or coverlet I guess - it has no batting, for summer use) during a transition in my life and this was my therapy! I approached each block as an individual unit with my only theme being "blue." I had some kind of vision for this, but I can't really put it into words except for "blue". In this case that included greens and purples, but I don't know - it just worked for me! I used a lot of my favorite fabrics and some pieces that have a lot of special meaning for me. I kind of see it as a piece of home I could take with me anywhere. I love the result, I just got impatient and put it together before I really had as many blocks as I would have liked, so it's a bit of weird size. But once again, it works for me.


Rebel said...

It's beautiful. I like the different colors that work together with the blue background. Very nice.

Smith said...

It's beautiful....Recently Bought some comforter covers from Domestications at lowest prices.....!

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