Thursday, June 14, 2007

Random Stripes


Are these blocks ugly?? Don't answer that.

I'm not sure what the correct name for these blocks would be - I've just been calling it strip quilt. I started it as a mindless sewing project - just pull scraps out of the bin and sew them down, no thinking, and at times no pressing, no trimming, etc. There was really not planning to it at all, in terms of color placement, or anything like that. For the other half of the square I just pulled from my stash things that I thought were ugly or just didn't care about - not sure how the medium prints got in with the lights. That does NOTHING for the quilt. At some point I guess I decided they were hideous and decided to only do as many more as I had foundations cut for - I think there were originally going to be a lot more.

Now that I see them all laid out together, I actually don't mind them that much. I actually kind of like them. I can see how they would have benefited from just a modicum of planning - but I don't think I'm going to resew anything, since that was not the idea behind this quilt. I'm almost tempted to make more - almost. But I'm not sure. Maybe I will just restart the project with slightly more thought to it and do another quilt this way. These are 9" blocks, so if I don't make anymore the quilt will be minimum 36"x36" and with sashing and/or borders would probably be in the 50" range - pretty good for someone's adorable free spirited child (no one in particular, just theoretically...)

Here are some possible layouts for the existing blocks - no where near ALL the possibilities, of course. I have some other layouts that I've already decided I don't like, and others I haven't tried...





The same thing with sashing, represented here by the "design wall" aka the floor!

Again excuse the fact that the pictures all show up off center - haven't quite figured that out yet.


jovaliquilts said...

Oh, this is so much fun! I just love when people post different layouts of blocks. I've made some string blocks but never half string, half plain. Such possibilities!

Just saw from your profile that we're neighbors -- I live in Champaign. Are you in the Bloomington guild?


michael5000 said...

Sweet! Love the blocks, love the configurations.... No idea which one to vote for....

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