Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Flamingos and Such

Here is my flamingo quilt that I finished - more than a month or two ago - and for some reason didn't take a picture of till last night. I have a lot of my recent finished items that I don't have really good pictures of and I keep thinking I will take them outside on a sunny day with some helpful people and get some really decent pics. So I think I was waiting for that day, but I decided I at least needed some kind of picture of this in the mean time.


Before you compliment me, those flamingos are NOT appliqued - it's a fabric panel I bought years ago. One day when I was just overflowing with creativity (which in my case rarely happens) I really wanted to start something new and work on it all day, and I decided to take the flamingos as my inspiration - this was the result. So all the fabric I had on hand and I did get it all pieced in a day. That is NOTHING like my usual way of working, but I love the result.

Just because I love to share them, here are my recent "Stars Around the World" blocks - if you'd like to get in on the fun. (Not my favorite site because almost all of the activities are actually not quilt related. Still haven't figured that one out...?)

From Karin in CO:

Going to Mary Lou in TN:

Last but not least...I was about ready to declare this layout the "winner" for the Random Stripes quilt - this was last night.


I would have sewn them up last night but somehow laying the blocks out on the floor so I could audition the border COMPLETELY exhausted me. So I did not sew them up, and now I'm undecided again. Hilarious. I'm going back to the doctor on Friday - this tiredness thing has got to go.


Marisa said...

Than corn fabric is wild! Cool!!

michael5000 said...

OK, I was TOTALLY ready to compliment the appliqued flamingos.

But even with the secret out, there's plenty to compliment. Very nice choice of fabrics to compliment the flamingos, to start with -- you must have an awesome stash if that was all on hand! And I'm dazzled that you were able to piece so many triangles so precisely IN A SINGLE DAY. Very intimidating.

A thought on the layout of those scrappy dark/light blocks: does it matter whether or not the two with the large polka-dot "light" half are symetrical? Like, if you traded 3-across, 3-down with 4-across, 3-down, what would that do? I'm thinking it might be, uh, pleasingly symetrical, but also maybe too stiff. Just curious.

Bon Travail!

Feed Dog said...

Nice flamingos! Definitely a good use of a panel--I like the way you've split it up with the vertical bars.

Regarding the dots that Michael brought up, what about moving 3-across, 3-down up into the upper-right quadrant for balance? Putting it at 4-across, 2-down would be radially symmetrical but maybe less stiff than symmetry on the vertical axis. I dunno; just another suggestion from the peanut gallery.

jovaliquilts said...

Sounds like a chess game, moving those blocks! I really like the overall design, but I think moving one pink polkadot block would probably be good. Of course, whenever I do something like that, it creates a new problem ...

The flamingo quilt is awesome!

Hope you feel better.


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