Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Love Jesus Swap

I am participating in my first swap on Craftster. At many times throughout this experience I have found myself thinking...why did I think I wanted to do this? I enjoy craftster, even if I'm not the devotee that some people are. My main thought behind doing this swap was that I think theoretically that I would like to organize my own swaps (quilt block swap, craftster style!) and in order to do that I have to participate in two swaps first. So I figured I might as well jump in. So I am in the I Love Jesus swap (yea Jesus!) and I finished my stuff today (send-outs are Tuesday). My second swap will definitely be more along the lines of "fill a matchbox" or something equally painless - 5 items was a lot! And I copped out and purchased two of my items!! But now that's it's all done I'm realy excited about it. I think it's a quality package that I would not be afraid to send to Mary Magdalen herself. Anyway, since I don't have a link to this blog posted on craftster, I will go ahead a post pictures here.

Group shot:

Throw pillow w/ close up:

pillow close
(I think the dimensionality of the pillow really solves the problems that this had as a flat block.)

"The Creative Call" book - I wanna keep this!

Charm bracelet:

Patch (this was a no-brainer):

And a few shots of the treasure box... The idea behind the treasure box is to fill a box with bible verses that are uplifting/encouraging/helpful, so that you can pull one out on a rainy day.

box 3


On another topic - to any other people out there who use the blogger/flickr combination: any idea how I can post "medium" size photos w/o the edges being cut off??? Maybe many of you just thought all my pictures are super off center and I always cut off the edge of my subject, but not so! I never used to have this problem on the old blogger...?

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paula, the quilter said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I couldn't reply any other way except by leaving a comment as your email is no-reply. :( The star quilt (in another post) is beautiful!

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