Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let's Call It Good


A (very) belated thank you to everyone who offered to send me fabric for my Grandmother's Flower Garden. I think I've finally decided not to do anymore flowers. I have finished 27 flowers and finished putting muslin around one side of each so that I can play around with layouts (this one is definitely NOT final). I have also decided that I will be leaving the shelter at the end of my year - in fact I'll be leaving in two and a half weeks! No mas! So, I decided I wanted to just leave the project with the flowers I was able to complete during my time here. It just seems nice and even to do it that way - then the project will always remind me of my time here (even though I'm sure I'll be working on it for years to come).

Things will no doubt continue to be quiet here at Quilty the Libster...until I get back to corn country, that is. Because so far the ONLY plan I have for life post-shelter is at least a couple weeks of uninterrupted creating. And I'm REALLY looking forward to it. Beyond that - well, I can't really see too far beyond that for now. I have lots of things I'm thinking about, but no idea what I'll finally end up doing. But that's okay with me. I'm beginning to have faith that it will all work out in the end - even if I have to keep nomading for a while.

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