Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Diet is Over!

So when I found some sewing time after the Harry Potter Mania, my first project was a set of throw pillow covers for an undisclosed recipient. I tried to make them coordinated without being matchy-matchy. But they really just look pretty random - maybe they can be in different rooms?? I hope the recipient likes them. I thought she said no pink or purple, now I'm realizing that she said no pink or orange!! And that one pillow prominently features orange - bleh. I really hope she doesn't hate it. Making things to other peoples tastes is so hard!


With throw pillows completed I finally put the border on my red work extravaganza. I auditioned tons of different borders and this one just "worked" somehow. The darker burgundy color does give the top kind of a different feel, but I feel like it quiets the top down, while making it "pop" at the same time. And it introduces a bit of an accent color. After making my mom look at a zillion different choices I got her to agree that this one works, so I went with it.


Sorry, I wish I had a different background to photograph it against since it kind of blends into this floor. Actually, here's a slightly better view, along with one of my flip flops and Pip the guinea pig:


Anyway, with the move of this project onto the "finished top" list, I am officially ending my "no new projects" diet. Woo-hoo! Since starting the diet I have finished at least six tops, so it has been fruitful. I think I'm going to start something new today (Christmas present for my little brother) but I'm not starting more than two new projects until something else either becomes a finished top or one of the things I'm quilting becomes a finished quilt!

One last thing - okay so I upload my pictures on a mac and they look TERRIBLE on my PC at work - but I do have a terribly ancient monitor at work. So question to you PC users out there - do you look at my blog and find yourself thinking, "Why does she post such low quality super dark photos?" Or do they look OK to you? I'm hoping the problem is just with the terribly old monitor, but if it's not then I'll have to make an adjustment somewhere.


Andrea said...

I love your redwork quilt ! That border fabric does work well ! Your photos look fine to me - not dark at all !

dot said...

Your photos look fine to me. I like the red work or what ever you call it being they are all different colors. The border looks great adds but doesn't distract from the main quilt. Your throw pillows look wonderful also. She will like them. We sometimes worry to much over all the wrong things.

Rebel said...

Yay for a new finished top. Your will-power is dramatically stronger than mine. I tried to go on a fabric-diet and have just failed misserably at it.

Oh - and your pictures look fine on my PC

jovaliquilts said...

Your photos look fine to me, so maybe it's your monitor. I love those pillows! As a set, they really go well and the orange is just a tiny part -- kind of makes that top sparkle. Maybe your recipient will discover that even colors she doesn't like can work well in the right circumstance.

Helen said...

Your picts look fine to me too! :) Making things to peoples taste is hard isn't it? No pink or prange would make it harder! They look great!

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