Friday, August 3, 2007

The New Project

So here's a hint about the project I started:


A Star Wars quilt? No, a t-shirt quilt for little brother - God willing it will be his Christmas present. (Technically I should have plenty of time to finish it, but I think we all know how many other things could happen.) My little brother is actually a bit of a clothes horse and had piles and piles of clothes in my parents basement. I'm told he would come over from time to time and look for something - just saw it as extended storage I guess! Finally Mom put it all in trash bags for the Goodwill, and told him to take out anything he wanted to keep. After he'd had his go at it, I went down to see if there was anything I might want - little brother's old clothes are an especially rich source of really great PJs. When I started going through I saw all these t-shirts that represented a lot of things from his past - that have "sentimental value" as a sister would put it. So I asked him if he would like to have them made into a quilt and he said yes.

That's right I volunteered!!

I have made one t-shirt quilt in the past. Actually, not surprisingly, it's still a not quilted top. But basically I knew when I volunteered that it's a tedious process - ironing interfacing onto the back of all those logos and cutting them to a usable size - bleh. It's slow going.

But I actually jumped at the chance to do it because I had an ulterior motive:


Yes that's right, I wanted to play with the scraps! I am making a "parallel" t-shirt quilt out of the non-logo parts of the t-shirts. I'm not using interfacing for this, so I've been experimenting with levels of starch. Heavily starched the jersey actually behaves quite well - although now I have to do some restarching of the bits I went too easy on. I mean you kind of have to be gentle with the jersey, but I'm not having much trouble sewing those nine patch blocks. (Oh yeah, I have no design plan for this. Basically I am cutting plain squares and sewing some nine patches and some sixteen patches. So far everything is 12" but I plan to through in some 16" bits. Then I will find some way to put it all together.)

Anyway, I've been thinking about doing a quilt like this for awhile, I think because I've been thinking a lot about "recycled" quilts and wanting to try to make some. Do not get me wrong, I love my stash, but I also love any opportunity to get back to my quilt making "roots". If you have ever made a t-shirt quilt you know that there is a LOT of waste. Last time I used those extra bits as rags in my old apartment, but it was still way more rags than I even needed. It seems like the quilty thing to do is stitch 'em together....

*Sigh* however I do not know how far I will get on this project. I really need to focus on getting my two big quilting projects quilted. Because if I move - well there is nothing worse than moving two big quilts in the process of being quilted, because WHO KNOWS how long it will be before they actually get finished then!!


jovaliquilts said...

Your recycling idea is great! Don't know how many scraps you'll get, but they would make a great back for the quilt, too.

Rebel said...

Oh wow - what a great sister you are. And sneaky too - getting all that extra jersey for yourself! ;) Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

michael5000 said...

Hmmmm..... Starch, eh? Could you provide a little more detail on how that works? I've been experimenting with found non-quilty fabric a little bit, and some way of getting them to HOLD STILL sounds very handy. But I don't know from starch....

ROZ said...

Dear Libby, Thanks for your comment on my blog. What I lack in accuracy, I make up for with my enthuisiasm. That crazy quilt was fun and easy. I also have a t-shirt quilt on my "flickr." Roz

Andrea said...

Good for you on your recycling ! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Lucky brother too !

Not Lucy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I just couldn't resist that cheese fabric. I am thinking of making a fairly traditional quilt using the cheese fabric for stars. I made a t-shirt quilt a couple of years ago for my daughter but I just gave the scraps to my husband as rags. I really don't like sewing knits! There is a picture on flickr of the one I did.

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