Monday, July 23, 2007


Ok so my official last day at work is in four weeks. I spent an action packed weekend in Chicago visiting my brother and some very good friends, and also trying to decide if I can see myself living there since there's a very good chance I'm headed in that direction. Combine that with the release of Harry Potter and this is just to stay that after these messages I'll be right back. I actually have a small list of sewing that I'm itching to do, but can't quite bring myself to put the book down long enough. Sad but true. And then there's this whole thing where they actually expect me to go to work for eight hours when there's Harry Potter to be read and sewing to be done. Imagine!

Anyway, this weekend in Chicago I dreamed about kayaking under State Street (next trip, maybe...)


I attended the World's Largest Block Party at Old St. Pats


And I met Mr. Freddy Noodles, the cat my brother is staying with. I took this picture to show my mother that cats the world over love her quilts:


Okay, page 590, I should be done any minute now...

My Favorite Quilt Pics From Flickr Users