Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Scraps Take Over


You may have been worried when you read about me cutting all my scraps up that I wouldn't have anything left for free pieced projects (like this one). No need to worry, I had a whole set of other scraps set aside for this project. I started this a while ago and have been thinking of it as a long term project - there wasn't exactly a goal or end in sight, just piecing scraps together at random until they become something. When I started it I thought it would be a good project to have on hand to just work on now and then, when I had time, when I needed a mental break, etc. It takes no planning since it's all random, so it should be easy to pick up at anytime. It's also a good creative boost because it is so free and spur of the moment.


The reality has been that I haven't worked on it very much. The only part I've consistently worked on is adding blue, green, and purple scraps to the pile. Now I've gotten it all out and put it by the machine (actually it's basically eaten the machine and the surrounding area) and I'm feeling like I may just want to work on it till it's done. I'm beginning to think there may be more than one quilt here. I had originally imagined creating a lot of units of different sizes and shapes and setting them together with thin black sashing so they look somewhat like a mosaic. I may or may not do that, but I'm starting to have other ideas, too.


These pictures cover only a few of the units and blocks that I currently have. I don't know how many scraps I started with, but I definitely still have plenty.


Debra said...

This is bordering on being a crazy quilt and it really looks interesting. Of course, those are my favorite colors so I am a bit biased. Improv quilting seems to be all the rage right now so definitely finish it.

jovaliquilts said...

I love your scrap collection! I know what you mean about probably just working on it till it's done. I have a number of things I've tried to do now and then, and it just never seems to work out that way.

Michael5000 said...

I was SO worried!

Looks great!

Dionne said...

I love your fabrics, they play so well together!

Anonymous said...
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