Friday, March 27, 2009

They Call It Madness


Does this look like a basketball to you?

I have been working on a lot of different things (obviously), and jumping from project to project a lot. I started cutting drunkard's path pieces during my big scrap cutting marathon a while back. Last weekend I needed something to do with my hands while watching the first action packed weekend of the NCAA tournament, so I spent the time clipping and pinning drunkard's path units - because the clipping and pinning part takes for-ev-er. Sewing them once they are prepped is a pretty fast process, but the prepping...not so much.

I have only been planning on doing a small project - a baby quilt, I imagined - but since the largest units I can make with the templates I have are 4" unfinished, even a small project takes a lot of units. I decided to do 64, and got most of them done last weekend.

I was planning all along to do a traditional drunkard's path layout, but...come to find out that for that layout you're supposed to alternate the dark and light on the quarter circle and the arc. That is, half the units have a dark quarter circle and the other half have a light quarter circle. I did them all dark, with white arcs. Umm...duh? Sadly that never occurred to me - it wouldn't have been any problem to do 32 of each, but now that I have 64 of one kind of unit I do not think I'm going to make 64 more unless I can't find a nice layout for the ones I've got.

Soooo, I spent some time today trying out different layouts and snapping pics so that I could compare them and see if there's one I like. I actually have a book about drunkard's path quilts in hand, and I found a few traditional layouts that use only one kind of unit. These units need to be trimmed and steamed into submission, and I also didn't pay too much attention to color placement in these pics. You get the general idea, though.

This one is called "Baby Bunting"

Baby Bunting

"Anna Dancing"

Anna Dancing

"Around the World"

Around the World

I like the first two the best. I did a couple others, too, but did not like them as much. Of course, I certainly haven't exhausted my layout options. Once you start playing around with this things the possibilities are pretty limitless. I will continue to contemplate this for a while. Still enjoying the tourney this weekend, but as of this evening my bracket is officially BUSTED.


Jessica said...

i love the drunkard's path block and have always wanted to make a scrap quilt using it, but now that's kind of fallen to the bottom of the "quilts i need to make soon" list. anyway, your blocks look awesome, and i think thelayout in the last pic makes the best use of your lighter fabrics. good luck choosing the next step..

Exuberant Color said...

I like the baby bunting layout. It looks like these blocks might be just as much fun as log cabin to play with.

Debra said...

I rather like the last one--looks like a big ole sunflower to me and I could see some outrageously big floral print as a border.

Anonymous said...

What lovely quilts....I am looking for something to do with my scraps and this looks perfect..Barbara, Round Rock, TX

Trisha said...

That first picture makes me hungry for pizza! I love all the layouts. I saw the first one and thought, oh I like that one, then I scrolled to the next one, oh I like that one too, and so on. I am no help in picking because they all look great to me!

Barbara C said...

I like them all, and maybe I like the last one best, because, like Debra says, it really emphasizes the floral theme. I think your white background makes this block look very fresh.

Rita said...

wow! I'm so amazed by all your awesome curved piecing! I like the Around the World layout a lot!! all layouts would look fabulous! keep going and you're gonna have a really beautiful quilt!

Darci said...

These look great! I love the circles!!! cant' wait to see which one you do.

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

thats pretty cool! i like the colors you've used and seeing the different possible patterns is a lot of fun. also, cool plaid horse with the blue button eye in the other post!!

Anonymous said...


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