Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pillow Case Quilt

Pillow Case Quilt

This is another experiment in recycled fabrics. The top is made from six different pillowcases obtained from the linen closet clean out at the shelter. The back is an old flannel sheet retired from regular use. I used batting scraps and yardage from my stash for the binding.

Close Up of Pillow Case Quilt

The top section of the top is one pillowcase with a continuous design that I wanted to preserve. I kept the original seam in the middle. The colors are very subtle, so it was hard to photograph. It is a floral design that is solid across the bottom of the pillowcase and continues towards the top, but fades away. You can somewhat see the quilting in the top section, which I am pretty happy with because it is the first time I have done any machine quilting that wasn't just straight lines.

Top Section of Pillow Case Quilt

Top Fabric Close-Up

I learned a lot in making this, especially about working with poly/cotton blends. For example, you have to use a cooler iron. Yes, I am sure that's probably obvious to other people, but I did not quite catch on right away. Also, I don't know if it was the fiber content, the weight of the fabrics, the too hot iron, or...?, but it did not work terribly well with the fusible batting scraps I used. I normally like fusible batting and have used it almost exclusively, but I had to patch over stains from the fusible in a couple of places. (Having your iron the right temperature is crucial with fusible batting, and I think I needed to lower the temperature even more for these fabrics).

Close Up of Pillow Case Quilt

Not my usual colors, but it is a gift for a friend's 30th birthday next week. I think she will like it. About 50"x60".


Rita said...

It's beautiful! I love seeing well-loved linens repurposed! I especially love the top pillowcase part with the flower and your free motion wavy quilting! thanks for the hint about ironing. I've never used poly cotton blends or fusible batting before. I am thinking of switching to fusible batting cuz I had basting with pins. Which fusible batting to you use? Have a great weekend!

Debra said...

Yes, poly/cottons are very different than cottons & I can see how you would struggle with the fusible batting. My guess is that it is designed for cottons.

I love the idea of pillowcases being used and have started collecting them as I see them too. There's a lot of fabric in them for $1--bigger than a FQ.

I like the top treatment too-very clever!

Michael5000 said...

Awesome, possum. Hadn't thought of spare pillow cases as a fabric source.

I've been playing with scraps more too; I'll try to get some pics up soon.

Barbara C said...

Your quilt is gorgeous. I love old linen prints, and I think you used the top print brilliantly. Those flowers look like they're growing out of the pieced part of the quilt.

Great fabric recycling, and a lovely quilt.

jovaliquilts said...

Very pretty -- and I love the big print in those white squares. Just sets it all off nicely. I'm sure your friend will be very happy indeed!

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