Thursday, May 24, 2007


As I may have mentioned (did I??) I'm trying really hard to focus on getting works-in-progress finished into tops and tops finished into quilts before starting completely NEW projects, which is, of course, what I REALLLY want to do ;)

So this is my latest "assembly" project - I've got everything ready to go for the top (pretty much) I just need to get it sewn together! In the end it will essentially look like this, but there is a 4" outer border in the lighter blue that is in some of the blocks - I hope four inches will be enough of a border, but the quilt is already getting rather large for its intended purpose. It's going to be a gift for some dear friends and I think they will probably use it as a "couch" quilt. They are moving into a new house this weekend, so I wish it was done NOW so it could be a housewarming gift - but maybe by Christmas!!


This was totally a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants design, but overall I like the way it's coming out...

My Favorite Quilt Pics From Flickr Users