Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Quilted Garden

I am back in Illinois after a very pleasant trip to Texas. Shortly after returning I finished this quilt that I've been hand quilting since February or so. It was almost completely done before my trip. I only had about half the binding left to sew down, so I got that done fairly quickly after getting back.

This quilt is really a collaboration between me and my Aunt. She did the hard part - she needle turn appliqued all of the gorgeous flower blocks and gave them to me as a gift. I assembled the top and did the quilting.

Aunt M's Flowers

I think the quilt is 60 x 90ish. It is photographed on a queen size bed here. I think it would probably fit a twin bed pretty nicely.

Aunt M's Flowers

Aunt M's Flowers

Aunt M's Flowers

As much as I love this quilt (and I do), after hand quilting two predominantly yellow quilts in a row I am feeling very ready to work with another color for a while!

I have been slow getting back into my old routines since returning from my trip - namely sewing, blogging, and reading blogs. In the last two weeks I found and started a summer job and signed up to do some volunteering, and those things have taken up most of my time. I think I will continue to ease back into things.


Debra said...

Pretty quilt and would look lovely hung so you could have a quilted garden to view all year!

Trisha said...

What a nice gift those blocks are. You have arranged them beautifully. And I am so impressed that you hand quilt. Gorgeous quilt, Libby!

Deborah said...

I love the set of that quilt, and the colors.

Martha said...

The flower blocks are just beautiful -- wonderful colors with perfect stitching. I don't see rectangular blocks very often and I love the way this one is set with the green and the little nine-patch -- also the quilting is very pretty.

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