Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Me at Sisters!

This is too fun not to share - turns out I made a small tiny contribution to the Sisters quilt show! Dionne, one of the people I swapped quilt blocks with for this swap finished her blocks into a quilt and the quilt hung in the show! You can check it out here - it looks so great!

My block is on the far left side, third down from the top. Looks like this:

Block for Gordongirl

Thanks Dionne!


Debra said...

That's one way to get into a show!

The quilt looks lovely--my colors for sure!

Michael5000 said...

Hey! I very possibly saw your block!

Dionne said...

Your block is BEAUTIFUL!! And actually one of my daughters told me, when I was piecing the top together, that I ought to try and "copy" your block for the entire top because she loved it so much!
That whole swap was a BLAST and I'm so happy with the result!

Gene Black said...

I love the way everyones blocks worked into the whole. The entire quilt it beautiful as is your block on its own.

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