Sunday, February 8, 2009

Want to Play?

Anyone want to play "what is this quilt"?

I admit that I am one of those people that thinks a quilt should "be" something - a lap quilt, a wall hanging, a throw, a table cover...doesn't matter what it is but it needs to be something. That being said, I don't always make quilts with that in mind. Some quilts I make just to make, because it is something I want to try. And sometimes that leaves me asking...what is this quilt?

Are you ready to play? Okay, here we go...

What is this quilt?

One Block Quilt

It is 52" square. When I made this I was thinking baby quilt. Since then I have sort of moved away from the idea that any quilt that is baby quilt sized can be considered a baby quilt. I think there are probably some mothers with certain sensibilities who would like this as a baby quilt, but I'm not sure if I know those mothers. It just seems a little too sophisticated, maybe...? On the other hand, it's a little to small to be a good throw. It might work as a wall hanging/decor piece for someone, but again I don't think it's anyone I know.  All the white makes me think it wouldn't look good on white walls, but in that case what color walls would it look good on?  I actually really like this quilt, but I have no idea what to do with it.

Next up:

What is this quilt?


I've blogged this quilt top before in the early days of Quilty the Libster. It is about 40 odd inches square. At the time I thought it too would be a baby quilt, I guess because of the size, but similar to the previous quilt it no longer seems very "baby" to me. I cannot really envision the mother or the baby that I would give this too. In fact, this is a very quirky quilt, and although I do like it personally I also feel like...maybe it's a little funny looking? Maybe it's one of those quilts that only its maker can love. Anyway, I am thinking about finishing it, but part of me doesn't want to finish it until I have a better sense of what it's going to "be".

So what do you think? Do quilts have to "be" something? Can they just be? Any idea what these quilts are?

(This kind of reminds me of when one of my friends was graduating with a BA in English and her mom said everyone in their small town was asking her what N. was going to "be" when she graduated? Such as a teacher, doctor, lawyer etc. Her mom said that she will "be" educated...isn't that the point of going to school?)


Debra said...

The second one could very definitely be a baby quilt. The first one would be lovely on the wall or on the table as a topper. I like both of them! & I definitely understand your dilemma--I struggle with that some too.

jovaliquilts said...

I usually think a quilt should "be" something, too. But I have known and loved quilts that really aren't anything. I think either of those could be baby quilts -- the first is graphic, high contrast, which babies love. The second is quirky indeed, and all the more wonderful for it. If I had a baby, I'd be thrilled to get it! Lots of color, high interest. But don't give it away -- keep it for yourself. Put it anywhere -- wall or table -- or take it out when a friend comes over with a baby, or save it for your own baby.

Exuberant Color said...

Where I struggle with this is whether I add a hanging sleeve to it. I feel that if I do I am saying "wallhanging" and if I don't, what is it. That doesn't stop me from making all sizes of quilt art though. So I didn't really answer your question I guess.

Barbara C said...

What a great question. I've had quilts that have played multiple roles: sometimes they're throws, sometimes they go on a table (where a cat will likely use it for a bed). Both your quilts are beautiful. I'd put them somewhere where you'll see them and admire them. I think the second one would be great for a baby.

Michael5000 said...

That quilt is freaking awesome, is what it is.

Jessica said...

so many questions, let's start answering them...

I agree with jovali that the top one would be a good baby quilt because of the high contrast. As a new mom, I think my son would love a quilt like this. I made him two baby quilts-- one in bright blues, greens, & yellows, and another in pastels because my husband thought the first wasn't "babyish" enough. I like the bold one much better because it will be useful/age appropriate much longer, you know? But if you're leaning toward making it a wall hanging, it would look great in my living room ;) because one wall is that shade of green. One more word about baby quilts though.. the bold one I made is actually going to serve as a wall quilt in the nursery until George is older and it's safe to sleep with blankets. Right now at 4 mos, he's not supposed to have any blankets or loose bedding in the crib.. so sometimes it's nice for things to "be" multi-functional.

the second quilt is nice-- I'd use it as the center for a scrappy medalion quilt, and add a few more borders. at 40", you could add piano keys or something and turn it into a lap quilt for someone in a wheel chair. My old guild used to donate wheelchair quilts to the veterans' hospital each year. It's best that they just cover the legs enough to tuck under a bit so they don't get caught in the wheels. My mom is in a wheelchair and she's always having to fight with the extra bulk of standard couch throws (60"). The lap/throw quilt I made her is too big at 60x 60 (before she was in the wheelchair), so now I need to find time to make her another..

I love your blog and quilts btw, don't think I've had a chance to tell you before.

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