Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pinwheels For Mari


This little pinwheels top that I originally blogged here is now a full fledged quilt. Baby quilts are so satisfyingly quick to finish.


I machine quilted around the blocks (about 5.5" blocks, the whole this is about 30" square) and hand quilted hearts in the a few of the setting squares.

I think it is so sweet that I basically just want to eat it. Instead I hope to send it to a woman from the shelter who just had her baby girl about 2.5 months early. Pinwheels are so cheery - high up on the list of general crowd pleasers, I would say.


Trisha said...

Very sweet!

Andrea said...

It's so sweet. Well done. I love pinwheels too. I made a great baby quilt once with pinwheels and 9-patches. I was like you and loved it so much I didn't want to part with it - lol !

jovaliquilts said...

Sweet is exactly the right word. The little hand quilted hearts are such a nice touch! 30" square is a great size for a baby born so early. I hope the child is doing ok.

Debra said...

Sweet, cute; they both work!

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