Friday, August 1, 2008

Vacation Show and Tell

Wait, what's that??

Could it be...?

It is! A quilt!



I know it looks pretty much just like the pictures of the finished top...but the point is, it's not! It's actually a 100% finished quilt, ready to be put in a box and mailed to my newlywed friends. I'm really pleased with it. I basically completely hated the quilting when I was doing it; I felt it was very "beginner". Which makes sense, as I am still very much a beginner when it comes to this whole "machine quilting" thing. But once it was bound, washed, and fluffed up nicely I found it didn't really look bad at all. It just looks like a quilt. (The back, to be fair, still does not look great. But it's not really about the back...)

I feel so great to have it done - that's at least one finish for the year 2008, and at least one finish for my time spent in Texas. And it's done within one month of the wedding it's a gift best finish time ever on a wedding gift. (I'm about to start quilting a quilt that I intended to be a wedding present for a wedding in 2005!!! I'm still going to give it to them, if it ever actually gets done.)

And amazingly that's not the only thing I've accomplished this week. (Well, I have been holed up in a house talking to no one...this is my vacation!) I also finished a baby quilt top out of all salvage fabrics. This used to be a sheet, three blouses, and a pair of pajama pants:



Design wise it's super simple, but it's sweet and soft and will make a nice blanket for a baby girl. (I have one expectant mother in mind...I'm convinced it will be a girl, but we don't actually know yet.) I'm finding it hard to photograph because the colors are pretty's a close up:


It's about 30"x30". I hope I will finish it soon rather than letting it languish in the "top" stage. I'm a little bit torn about whether I should use salvage material as batting, thereby making it a 100% recycled quilt, or go ahead and use the fusible batting that I have tons of right now. I think I might as well use the fusible. The only reason I can think of to use salvage (besides doing it on principle) is that I would probably use a flannel sheet and that would make it more lightweight. And that might be good?? I'm not sure. Decisions, decisions.

Today is the last day of vacation, and although I have a lot to do today, I hope to do some rotary cutting so I can have some things "ready to sew" for the limited craft time that I do get back at the house. I think I will be more likely to work on something if a lot of the "thinking" is already done...

All my best to the blogosphere! I've had a great time catching up on quilt blogs and discovering new ones this week...although now it's back to fully neglecting them...


jovaliquilts said...

Congratulations!!! I really, really like your completed quilt. As always, your color layout is just wonderful and elevates this above the ordinary squares quilt. The few bold prints add a real zing to it, too. Your friends will love it!

Don't know what to say about the lining for the baby quilt. Thicker is fine for putting down on the floor, but thinner is easier for wrapping such a wee one.

Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Well, I'm assuming you did. Sounds very nice to be holed up quilting for a week!

Rebel said...

Yay for finishing the wedding quilt! It's really cute.

I love the baby quilt, pinwheels always make me smile, I'm sure the baby (and mom) will love it!

Michael5000 said...

Sweet! Well done -- you didn't plan on doing any quilting in TX, if I remember right, so these are above and beyond! w00t!

ROZ said...

What a cute quilt.

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