Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Odds 'N Ends


This is what I was wearing one day. Not surprisingly I love color in my wardrobe, and I think clothes are a great way to try out color combinations that you only have to live with for one day. If you like them, however, you never know what they could be the start of...

This quilt was made for me by my grandmother. She is really more of a seamstress than a quilter, and that I know of has only made a few quilts, so I'm lucky to have one. This quilt used to have a doll that went with it. There are pockets in each block that allow you to put the doll into her cradle, bath, pram, or high chair. I was WAY into dolls as a kid, so I really loved this. Sadly I'm afraid that the doll has been lost to the ages... Then again, I have enough boxes in the attic here to make it possible that she has not.


Stay tuned for more quilts from my childhood! Hi mom!


jovaliquilts said...

Your grandmother's quilt is adorable! I've never seen one with household baby items for the doll to slide into. Clever!

I agree about clothes. Since I've started quilting, I've looked at clothes choices differently. Love the combination your showed.

heather said...

That is a great idea for a quilt!

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