Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thanks Cheri!

Many thanks to Cheri for mentioning my salvage baby quilt in her excellent blog jovaliquilts. If by some chance you are reading this and you don't know Cheri, swing 'round and check it out. I especially love what she's doing with fungly.

I have to admit that I really love the fungly craze and can't wait to jump on the band wagon as soon as I'm anywhere near my stash. Another of my favorite fungly projects can be seen here.

In the meantime my work with salvage fabric continues. Today I was working on one of the pillow case quilts that was inspired by the great linen closest clean out. It's the first one I've attempted, and today I decided...that I dislike it enough to abandon the project. That's right, abandon it completely. That's saying a lot for a person who usually thrives on the challenge of "saving" wayward projects. But this one is just not inspiring me AT ALL, and my sewing time is WAY too limited to spend it on something I don't like. I was working on this particular project because I intended it for a friend here, but she recently made some comments about really preferring wild and crazy quilts and this one was super subdued yellows and tans. Now I think I can release myself from it and move on to other projects that I think I can actually get interested in...

In the meantime, I am once again trying to plot the course for the next phase of my life. First of all I'm trying to decide if I'll commit to staying here for six additional months or leave in October when my original commitment is up. Then I have to make some kind of decision about what I want the next step to be...probably more experimenting with different jobs/experiences till I hit on the right thing. But of all the possible options what will I choose to do next??? I told my mom I wanted to teach quilting to disadvantaged women...anyone know where I can get a full time job doing that? Speaking of Mom, she is taking a week long class with Carol Taylor on an island in Lake Superior this week...what a life!

Oh one last thing about the salvage baby quilt...the woman I was hoping to give it to had her baby two months early...and it was a boy! Oh well...

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jovaliquilts said...

Oh, you're most welcome -- you're the one who's doing the great job with salvage fabrics!

Tough decisions about the future, good luck making the decision. If I hear of any full-time positions teaching quilting to disadvantaged women, I'll let you know!

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