Thursday, August 28, 2008

Deceptively Charming


This is the original layout that I had in mind for the charm square pack you see here (there would be white on the other two long sides of course - just imagine it). I don't remember the name of the line of fabric, although I want to figure it out so I can get some yardage for borders. I just remember seeing it on clearance for some unbeatable price (like two bucks or something) and thinking it would be fun.

After having the original idea and cutting all the white strips, but before doing any sewing, I went through about thirty other design ideas in my head. The original idea pictured above seemed too boring. One that I stayed with for a while was this one:


Some how, though, I went back to the original idea and sewed white onto two sides of every square so I could play around with layout. Then I laid it out and once again wasn't sure if I liked it. Although the last thing I want to do is unpick the white, even with the white there are other options. This one for example:


It is also a candidate for a "faux disappearing nine patch" layout, but I'm not a huge fan of the disappearing nine patch. Although I briefly was set on the above layout, I think I might be back to the original now?? Is that possible?

I'm so indecisive. It's just a reflection of my life right now. So many decisions to make and so little deciding going on.

I have a 2-day right now (two consecutive days off - I only get that once a month) and so have had a little sewing time. I was going to use it to finish the salvage baby quilt, but I found that now that I don't have a recipient in mind for it I wasn't so motivated to finish it. I was being utterly indecisive about what to work on instead, but finally made a little progress on this. All I have to do now is choose a lay out. I think I'll sit with it for a while...

I've been happy to be able to blog a little more lately. I'm six weeks from the end of my original commitment here at the shelter. If I decide not to stay past those six weeks than I may not be doing much (or any) sewing or blogging for a while as I'll be focused on other things for my last six weeks. But then I would be back in the land of my stash, sooooo....! It would be back home to the corn fields to process this experience and make a decision about what the next one's going to be. At 26 I feel a little old for that, but if I have the opportunity I might as well take advantage of it...right??

Oh, while I'm blogging I think I'll post some "found quilt" photos. I had the opportunity to visit a house that regularly hosts student groups and church groups who come to the border to learn about the situation here and/or do a service project. Their dormitories have beautiful wooden bunk beds with cushy looking mattresses, each covered with a gorgeous quilt. Very welcoming, don't you think?




dot said...

I personally like the original layout. Yes those dorm rooms look very inviting. Comforting in fact.

jovaliquilts said...

I love white with brights -- looks great! Here's yet another design possibility, which is to do the first layout but turn a few squares with the white the wrong way so you get something like one of the squares in the other layout to appear. Is that confusing enough?

Those are wonderful quilts on the beds -- really took some work to make those! What a nice idea.

Michael5000 said...

I was actually kind of taken with the first layout. The third one is nice, too, but I think Door #1 is my favorite.

I also really like the second of the four "found" quilts, if you follow me. It's fun to find the national flags in it. But then, I'm a great big dork.

Debra said...

Having those quilts on the beds is a fabulous idea!

How about turning the blocks so the white is in the center as a pinwheel or little whirling propeller?

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