Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning

So I have been cleaning. I should say I have been trying to clean. I have been sorting through my huge overflowing piles of fabric and supplies, trying to turn a critical eye towards it all and decide what I MUST have and what I can get rid of. I've spent some time this year reflecting on the topic of stash and whether or not I need to reduce mine. While logically I can easily talk myself into keeping it all because it is all a part of the creative process, I finally realized that I WANT to reduce the amount of stuff I have. At the end of the day it feels out of control to me and feels like a burden. I think I will be happier if I reduce. In the same vein, my wardrobe is also on the chopping block. My book collection will very likely be next.

The problem is that I keep coming across certain supplies and thinking - I will just whip this up into a quick project in order to move it out of my stash. And the problem with THAT is that "whip this up into a quick project" is not really something I do.

Case in point: a set of five heart-themed blocks made by a friend of my mother's in the 80s. Mom was going to get rid of them, and since I am incapable of resisting a heart theme, I had to take them. So then I came across them while cleaning the other day and thought...that's right, "I'll just whip this up into a quick project." After all, in this case much of the work was already done for me.

Heart Sampler

Problem is, I wanted to try to modernize the blocks with the setting, but I was having a hard time thinking of a good way to do that, and that was impeding with the whole "quick" part of the process. In the end I decided to go with something simple - if it looks like it could be from the 80s, well so much the better, I say. Parts of it look a bit brown in this picture, but the colors are really mauve-y pinks. I was planning to put more borders on to make it more of a medallion style, but when I finished the first border it was a nice size for a baby quilt and honestly just looked finished to me. And it's well suited for a baby quilt, so I thought why not just go with it.

Here's a close up of this block that doesn't show up very well in the overall shot (even here it doesn't show that clearly - it so hard to photograph those subtle colors!):

Heart Sampler Close Up


Dionne said...

I know what you mean about the Stash thing. I haven't a big stash of fabrics, but I have MANY, MANY projects in some state of NOT COMPLETE. I promised myself that this would be the year to finish them or get rid of them!
PS - I think your quilt is PERFECT for a little baby girl!

Exuberant Color said...

It would make more sense to get rid of things you don't use rather than things you have a good chance of using. I have gotten rid of fabrics that no longer make my heart sing, but no way would I get rid of the ones I really like and might use.

I think the quilt is a perfect baby quilt.

Jessica said...

i love the block in the lower left. Good use of orphan blocks. And good luck with the de-stashing.. i probably should try that some time, but it doesn't make sense to do it now, after we moved to a new state... i'll most likely wait til the next big move (hehe).

Debra said...

Yes, very 80s but a baby wouldn't care! You can quilt nice big hearts in the blank spaces to really finish out the theme (or applique some hearts). It could also be a very nice tabletopper for the spring season-maybe around Valentine's Day.

Good for you for quickly whipping it into a semi-finished state! *wink*

Barbara C said...

It does make sense to keep the things you love, even though you don't finish them right away. You did a great job with these blocks. They're very unique and you made up a very nice little quilt.

Uniquely Yours Creations said...

Did I chuckle when I read your
post. Happens to me all of the
time. Maybe we shouldn't clean
so much!
I think the quilt is very pretty! Also you have have some great negative space in there to do some
really fancy quilting stitches.
How about hearts?

Michael5000 said...

Even though I am on record as finding hearts a little "too girly" for my personal taste -- my loss, I'm sure -- I really like quilt projects that incorporate the unfinished work of the past. And, I think it's cool that you made the setting appropriate to the pieces you were working from. AND, you are probably on the cutting edge of retro-80s quilting. Awesome.

jovaliquilts said...

It's hard for me to get rid of some things, but I always feel better when I do. My first experience learning this was with books, and I feel much better without all the ones I used to have. Not wanting so much STUFF is a good reason to lighten the load.

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