Friday, April 10, 2009

Quilt Spectrum

Here are a few pictures from the local guild quilt show that was last weekend. While I love the "big" quilt shows, I also enjoy guild shows that are focused on letting members show off, regardless of if they are doing flawless "show quality" work or not. Let's face it, most of us aren't, including me!

Lauren's Choice by Susan Carney. The maker had her five-year-old pick out the fabrics for this and I think she did a really great job.

Lauren's Choice

Lincoln Museum Quilt by Connie Guhlstorf

Lincoln Museum Quilt

Churn Dash by Barbara Miller and friends - the churn dash blocks were a 60th birthday present from many friends.

Churn Dash

The Art of This Quilt by Kimberly Travers

The Art of This Quilt

No Polar Bears Allowed by Georgia Cluver Dawson. The upper section was part of the guild's progressive quilts program. The beluga whales are an original design.

No Polar Bears Allowed


Debra said...

Interesting group of quilts! I really like that Churn Dash quilt -- nice light coming through the middle. My next favorite is the one with fabrics chosen by the 5 year old. Clever idea!

Barbara C said...

I also like the Churn Dash. I'm always impressed by people that can make traditional patterns look fresh.

jovaliquilts said...

I like the local shows, too. There's something real about them, real quilts being made and used by real people. This is a lovely group of quilts.

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