Friday, December 5, 2008

Very Purple Rail Fence


This is the worksheet the kindergartners in "my" class were doing on my first day of substitute teaching.

Rail Fence

I finished this top today. It was previously a finished top, but first of all it was too big, and secondly I didn't like it. I had the blocks in a non-traditional rail fence layout and it just didn't work for me. And a nearly queen size quilt is really too big for a quilt in this color scheme, especially for an adult, and especially since I didn't like it. If I might finish a smaller quilt that I don't entirely like, I'll never finish a big one that I don't like. Got it? So, I un-sewed an entire large quilt top and re-sewed part of it into this. And now I like it reasonably well. I don't think rail fence will ever be one of my favorite patterns. I chose it to highlight the blocks from another printed fat quarter from Block Party Studios, which happened to be the right size/shape for this. It's 56"x63", and will brighten up the couch of one of my best friends who loves purple (and I hope isn't reading). I actually hope to finish it soon. (For Christmas?)

Rail Fence Overall

Psalm blocks


jovaliquilts said...

Wow, you unsewed an entire queen size quilt? Don't know what it looked like before, I like the energy and stair-steppiness (surely that's a word) of this version. I agree, rail fence isn't at the top of my list either, but in some incarnations, it looks really good. Of course, nothing compares to that quilt your kindergarteners colored! ;-)

Debra said...

It's a great pattern to showcase the printed pieces so I think you did well by it. Some simple quilting and you could call this one done!

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