Monday, December 15, 2008

Crayon Quilt

This is what I have been hand quilting on, and I took the last stitches on the binding last night:

Crayon Quilt

It's pretty cute! The blocks are hand colored by yours truly (hey, if you don't have kids just do it yourself) using Pentel pastel dye sticks. I got a box of these right around the time I started quilting and was using them to decorate t-shirts, but I just had to try doing a quilt with them. I cut out a bunch of 6" muslin squares and went to town, drawing whatever I wanted.

Crayon Quilt Detail

The designs are a kind of playful, juvenile (i.e. badly drawn in some cases), but very fitting for a crayon quilt, I think. When I finished drawing I bordered half the blocks with blue and half with green and set them together in a regular straight set, alternating blue and green. That design was kind of boring and hard to look at - busy, I guess, but not and a good way. So I took them apart and reset them into this design, which I think is a lot more dynamic.

Crayon Quilt Detail

It is backed with three conversation prints. I like the variegated rainbow binding, but I kind of wish I had chosen something that would give it a more solid frame since it doesn't have a border. It works, though.

Crayon Quilt Detail

It's about 40"x40". A few more detail pics on flickr.

This was a pretty old UFO if I originally started the blocks right around the time I started quilting. I am still powering away at finishing things. With the exception of joining the block swap (and that's a big exception), I haven't started anything new since returning to Illinois. I really want to reduce the number of projects I'm working on at any given time, but that means I have to finish a lot of the backlog first. I kind of want to be the kind of person who works on projects beginning to end - not that I will ever be the kind of person who only works on one project at a time. But a few at a time seems more manageable to me, and would minimize the number of projects that get finished 7 years after they're started - like this one. I currently have eight tops-in-progress, and 13 projects that are at least to the finished top phase or beyond. Hmmm, what shall I reduce that to??

I also kind of want to reduce my stash but that's like this whole other can of worms... I just love fabric. Too much.


Debra said...

Reducing your stash. . .weren't you the one who brought fabric from the shelter because you couldn't bear to leave it behind? *wink*

Cute quilt! If you have a friend getting ready for a new baby, it would be a perfect gift. Or, for you to keep too!

Barbara C said...

What a fun quilt. I've got a similar UFO (mine is farm animals) but I'm using regular crayons. I love your yellow and red hearts quilt. I think that color combo is very cheery.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed seeing your work and learning about your interests.

Andrea said...

You are definitely on a roll - UFO's? Pahhh what UFO's - lol ! This is a great quilt.

Dionne said...

Such a FUN quilt. I love it!!

jovaliquilts said...

This is such a wonderful quilt! Who doesn't want the fun of kindergarten all over again? The setting you ended up with is really good, and I like the rainbow binding.

As for stash, I used to think it was pointless, but now I appreciate having one. It lets me be creative. I don't feel bad about having one (though mine isn't huge) because when I'm done, someone else will get it.

belinda said...

hi glad you came over for a visit.....your quilt is wonderful...i LOVE the hand quilting. I want to do some hand quilting using the colored thread as well....i also have a crayon quilt that was made for me when I was's pretty worn...i must get it out and post it i guess....i had forgotten all about it until i saw yours.

Kerri said...

What a fun quilt!! I love the kiddiness to it!

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