Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quilt Family

So my vacay (love that word) has almost come to an end - I head back to Tejas the day after tomorrow. I do have something to show for myself, however. Behold, Broken Dishes:


It's roughly 36" x 50". Don't mind all those lumps in the border - my parents floor is just buckled in a lot of places. Kidding! Kidding! That, friends, is just an example of a hastily and poorly applied border. I wanted to get the border on it just so I could say I completed a quilt top on my vacation, so I did a haphazard job of it. But, I'm not going to fix it until some far distant day when I'm actually going to quilt this top, so I decided to share the picture anyway. You still get the overall visual affect, just imagine it with a flat border. (I think normally I'd be too embarrassed to show it, but whatevs. We're all friends here.)

When I made this quilt:


I created a huge stack of leftover half square triangle units. When I made flying geese units for the star points I used the quick piecing method that involves starting with a rectangle and two squares and cutting of the corners eventually. At the time I went ahead and added an extra seam before cutting so that the part I cut off was a completely HST unit and not just two renegade triangles. I put all those extra HST units in a box, not trimmed or pressed, and saved them for someday.

My first day of vacation last Friday I began poking through my stash for a project to play with and came across said HSTs. Fun to play with? Not exactly, but I didn't realize that until I'd already put so much time into it that I wasn't going to back out. But yeah - I had to spend hours trimming and pressing before I could even start sewing. The more hours of chain piece, trim, press, repeat. No worries, though, because I really love the final product.

This is actually the second top I've completed from the scraps of the blue stars quilt. The first was this one:


Now I think of them as a quilt family. Cute, right?


jovaliquilts said...

What a nice quilt family! :)

I have quite a few HST's made the same way, and I guess I should trim them from time to time so it's not so overwhelming. You've inspired me.

Hope you had a relaxing, wonderful vacay!

Rebel said...

I really like your broken dishes quilt (I just heard that name for a quilt a few days ago - I thought I was doing a pinwheel quilt... but dishes is more apt I think). And I LOVE the blue strips quilt, perfect use of some leftovers.

Michael5000 said...

Love the "quilt family" concept, and I think the new one is the best of the bunch! A vacation project to be proud of. Congrats!

Andrea said...

I love your quilt family. Blue is my favourite colour so these three get my vote. Hope you're feeling relaxed after your holiday and raring to go on those hexagons. I have put mine to simmer for a while - they are getting on my nerves - lol.

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