Monday, January 2, 2012

Ring in the new...

Well, clearly 2011 has been a fallow year for me in the quilting/sewing/fiber arts area of my life, among other things. And that's okay. I think that if that's where the flow of life takes you sometimes, that's where you have to go. Right now I feel like I'm coming back around to this part of my life, or at least wanting to. Things are stirring.

In honor of a new year, new perspective, new priorities, I decided to finish this piece:


It is small, 14"x18", and machine quilted in what I like to call wavy cross hatching (I'm sure this is not a new idea).


I'm going to hang it in my office at work to remind me of my creative self...

I know some of you may be wondering what happened to the baby quilt of the last two posts? Well, what happened was, the baby was born. And it was a boy. So, I ended up gifting a boy baby quilt that I already had completed and on hand. What will happen to the bit of the folk art angel quilt I had completed, I don't know yet. It's going in the incubator, I guess. But I liked the suggestions I got of adding borders, etc., so we'll see.

Just a few other creative things I'd like to share. Check out this necklace my little brother made me for Christmas!!

Necklace up close

Fun, right? It's awesome to be from a family of makers.

Last but not least, after seeing this tutorial, I have spent many a happy moment making paper snow flakes. Here are some I cut from our junk mail like she did in the tutorial, but I have moved on to every and any variety of paper.


Snowflake up close

Ah yes. So anyway. We'll see where I go from here. I obviously never claim to know what's around the bend for me or where life is going to lead me. But this is where I am right now, at the start of another year.

All the best to you and yours :)


Andrea said...

Happy 2012 Libby - hope you do loads of sewing this year - you have some catching up to do - lol ! Nice to see you're alive and kicking xxx

Exuberant Color said...

I love that little quilt! Perfect for an office decoration. My favorite type of quilting too.

jovaliquilts said...

As always, love your quilt! The wavy quilting looks great with the squares.
And the snowflakes! I haven't made them in years, but made them with my kids when they were little. That's how they'd wake people up on Christmas morning, by tossing the snowflakes on sleeping people. Lots of fun. :)

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