Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Latest

So this is one of those times where I log in to post acknowledging my woeful lack of posting. This, as you would imagine, correlates to my lack of progress in the creative arena. I am sewing down the binding on a quilt, so I will be excited to share that soon, but as I've said, anything requiring hand work is a slow process for me these days. I really want to have it done by next weekend, so hopefully a couple of movies or baseball games will suffice to get it taken care of.

The rhythm of life in Chicago has just not led me much in the direction of sewing. I put in a little work here and there, but I tend to find myself swept up in other things a lot, and I think that's just life right now. I feel content knowing that I have sewing space and it's there when I need it. I also feel content taking advantage of the blessing of living near friends right now and living in The Big City where there are always a million and one things going on. Since I know I am highly unlikely to be in this situation forever, I think it's incumbent on my to enjoy it while I am. If you would like to follow my life outside of my creative activities you can always check out Rejoice Always, although posting has been a bit slow over there, as well.

I did finally bust out my new jewelry making supplies last weekend, and I found this to be highly satisfying. Although I have essentially no idea what I'm doing, both technically and when it comes to design, it's super fun to play around with and satisfying to be able to complete a project in a very short time. And since I have no idea what I'm doing, the minimal time commitment makes it easy to just cut apart a project and remake it if I end up deciding it's not quite right.

Pictures of my creations to follow. I always intended this to be a blog for ALL my creative endeavors, but quilting has obviously always predominated. I really don't think there's any chance of this becoming a jewelry blog, so I beg the indulgence of the hard core quilters in the audience.

My birthday was this past weekend, and I got a new camera! Quilt bloggers know how exciting this is. I am really interested in photography and have been doing my best at taking it seriously with my old point and shoot, but wanted something that was a bit of a step up. Part of my motivation was to be able to take better pics for the blogs, so maybe this will also motivate me to make things to take pictures of!

In the meantime I took pictures of the top of my mother's pie safe, where she keeps many things:


Jim Kalmbach said...

These picts really show off the new camera!! I can see the difference!

Debra said...

There is always time for quilting but not always time to explore Chicago. Go have fun!

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