Monday, April 5, 2010



I had such a busy weekend of sewing that I actually have a little something to share!

I had this idea at the beginning of Lent that throughout the season I would work on some baby quilts to donate by Easter. Let me start off this story by telling you that nothing has been donated. The first thing I worked on as part of this project is the Chinese Coins quilt in the previous post. By the time I finished the quilting on that I just...didn't...feel I could donate it. I love it! Too much! I mean yes, there are a few too many pin tucks on the back, but I really like the quilting, and I have always really liked the top. I don't know how well it shows in photos (well, I'll post a better one when it's finished) but the colors and fabrics just really sing together. Of course there is no reason I shouldn't donate a quilt I love especially since even if I don't donate it I probably won't keep it. Somehow I can face gifting it, but donating it and never knowing what happens to it or if it's appreciated is, apparently, too hard for me.

So I started this pink baby quilt with the idea that I would have an easier time donating something if I planned it to be a donation from the start. that the top is done...I'm sort of...

OK let's face it, I have problems letting go. I always have. But I'm working on it. I am not making up my mind yet what I'm going to do with either quilt. I still would like to donate some baby quilts some time even though I didn't meet my original goal. Now it will just be one of those nebulous undefined goals we all do so well with.

I don't know. I'll work on it.

Anyway, it has been nice to spend some time sewing, so my goal setting at least had that advantage. I'm trying to get focused on what I want to work on if I can keep up the habit of sewing. This quilt is all scraps and salvage fabric*, since that is pretty much all I have with me here, so I'm pondering which of my planned scrap and/or salvage projects I want to give my time to. Stay tuned?

Perhaps better photography can also be hoped for? Sorry, I was so excited to have something to share that I couldn't wait to have natural light and a block of time for a better photo shoot...

*Flannel sheet scraps, pillow case scraps, bits from three different stained or torn shirts, scraps from a blouse I made, and lots of good old fashioned quilting scraps.


Trisha said...

I can understand not wanting to let go of a quilt you have fallen in love with. Maybe it is one of those things that once you have done it a few times, it will get easier. Maybe try making a quilt with fabric from your stash that you really don't like. Maybe that will help. :)

Debra said...

I finished a quilt earlier in the year that I had planned to keep once it was done. I had been on the fence about it--I kind of liked it but wasn't crazy about it--so I had it folded on the dining room table for a month or two just sitting there. Finally one day I walked over to it and thought, "I haven't given this quilt one bit of attention since it was finished. There is someone out there who (clearly) needs it more than I do." and I donated it in the next pile going to the women's shelter. I figure with the amount of resources I have for quilts, I just can't keep all of them. Plus, right now I am on a real purging mission!
Don't forget that if you want to send the tops to me, I'll quilt them and give them away for you.

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