Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Historical Design

Mary Todd Lincoln's Sewing Table

While it's pretty blurry in this picture, under the framed mirror next to the window is Mary Todd Lincoln's sewing table at the Lincoln Home in Springfield Illinois where the Lincolns lived for about 17 years before they moved to the White House. On the tour they told us it was where she did all the family's sewing. I was the only visitor snapping pictures of the carpeting, but the designs were so great that I just had to share. Wish I'd gotten more of the wallpaper.




Kathie said...

great pictures!
oh yes I would have been taking pictures of the carpet right along with you!
its beautiful
oh that wallpaper looks interesting too!
thanks for sharing

Debra said...

I couldn't begin to imagine doing any of those designs as applique but I do have some very similiar ones as machine embroidery motifs. If you get inspired, let me know and I'll stitch them out for you.

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