Friday, January 16, 2009

A Bright Moment

Quilt from Charm Pack

If you are snowed in, iced in, freezing, sub-freezing, or even just cloudy, here is a little dose of bright for you.

Quilt from Charm Pack

This top has been waiting for borders for a long time, but I wasn't sure what fabric to use or how to do them. Since this is a charm pack I wanted to use some fabric from that line, but I can't remember the name of the line and couldn't find any of the fabrics anywhere I looked. (And I was afraid to look too hard, because once I start looking at fabric I will start buying fabric. This has been proven.) I found this Laurel Burch print with the right colors, and it works for me. With squares laid out in a square, a square quilt seemed fitting. Pretty simple.

Quilt from Charm Pack CIose Up

About 60" square. I have a suspicion of who might have it on their couch someday, but time will tell.

Bleh - I usually don't name quilts, but then it is harder to talk about them. Anyone else have that problem?


In other news, Dionne tagged me to share six interesting/quirky things about myself. Why is this so much harder than it seems like it would be??

1. I don't own a computer and haven't for five or six years. I have relied on computer labs, libraries, and generous friends and relatives. Plus at the shelter we had a couple of community computers. It seems a bit weird that I've never owned a computer in the whole time I've been blogging (nearly four years).

2. I like almost all animals, including pigeons, squirrels, mice, and other frequently maligned species.

3. I have travelled to five of the seven continents since high school, and hope to hit the other two (South America and Antarctica) before I die. I took 2.5 years off between high school and college and spent that time working full time and spending the $$ traveling (even though I sometimes told people I was saving for college).

4. I worked in restaurants as a cook for years during high school and college. I strongly considered going to culinary school and I still really miss being in the restaurant environment.

5. I think tree houses are really really cool, especially the ones that adult people actually live in (or stay in occasionally).

6. Many of you know this, but I just spent a year as a full time volunteer at a homeless shelter on the U.S./Mexico border.

Here in central IL we fall into the sub-freezing category.  School was cancelled yesterday and today due to the extreme cold and wind chills.  It's been a slow week for me.


jovaliquilts said...

It's a great border -- works really well.
Intersting tidbits about your life. I never lived in a tree house, but I lived in a house built on stilts in Central America. Kinda cool.

Debra said...

Here is further proof that simple designs can have fabulous impact! I love this quilt!

Michael5000 said...

Bright sunshine and warm (for January) in the City of Roses, but I still like your quilt anyway.

Since I only know you as someone at the other end of the great web o' computers, it's kind of trippy that you don't actually own one. But I'll get over it.

Happy slow week!

Barbara C said...

What a great looking quilt. I love the clean design. I seldom use white, but I like the way it highlights the blocks and gives the whole thing an airy feel.

It's fun to learn new things about you. You've had a very interesting life--travel does that to you.

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