Friday, February 22, 2008

Quilty Quilts Again

Well well well. I'm tickled pink to finally have some content for this blog!! Not so much just for the sake of blogging, but because it means I actually did some sewing...yeah!!!

I've been on a quest for a sewing machine. I could have mine shipped down here, I guess, but I think it would be SUPER pricey, so I wanted to investigate all other options first. Come to find out that the organization I'm working for actually has FIVE sewing machines. That seemed like good news, until I actually tried them out and discovered that two don't work and the other three are missing the throat plate. (I think that's what it's called...the big flat surface around the needle? (Not the little shiny part but the bigger part where the project rests before sewing? Doesn't seem like you can do much without it...) So I've kind of been in limbo - not sure if it's worth paying to have one of those two machines repaired or if I would be better off buying an inexpensive/used machine or having mine shipped down here. I've also been kind of in limbo due to being broke (although thanks to my income tax refund as of today that is no longer the main issue.)

Well anyway, the other day I was pretty darn sick of waiting, so I went over to a woman's organization where a friend works and borrowed one of their machines. They were VERY gracious and let me sew away happily in their conference room all afternoon...

I had a set of charm squares cut from scraps that I brought from home - 120 squares, enough for a 20x30 layout. I had them in a little pile and had no idea how they were going to go together and no real way to lay them out, so I just started sewing them in to four-patches by color. Because I didn't have a plan while cutting them (surprise surprise) I didn't think I'd be able to get them to all work together as four-patches, but actually they pretty much did. I got all thirty four-patches sewn together in the one afternoon, then took them home to press and work on layout.

Here's my little make shift pressing station:


I was worried about layout because my scraps were really heavy on the blue (because my stash and previous quilts are all super heavy on blue, of course). But this is almost exactly how I laid it out at first go and I actually love it. I only switched two blocks from the original to get here:



So now I just have to find time to get back to the women's center to assemble, or else resolve the sewing machine issue. But no worries whatsoever...I'm so happy to have sewn!!


jovaliquilts said...

Oh, so nice to have you back and sewing! I like the layout -- colors moving into others. Someone once told me that if you stick to the things you love, somehow they will all work together.

You may tell me to bite my tongue, but some people swear by hand sewing. Jinny Beyer says it's quicker. Have you thought of giving it a try?

Andrea said...

Yippee Libby - glad you got to sew. It all looks great. And yes - it is surprising how much you can get done by hand in the odd few minutes here and there.

Michael5000 said...

Go Quilty! It seems so, so, authentic that you are working under such makeshift conditions and with borrowed equipment and all, and with scraps -- and what an awesome piece you put together! Huzzah!!

atet said...

Wooo hooo! Let's hear it for sewing time! Glad to see you are doing well and enjoying your adventure. Here's to more time with the borrowed sewing machine soon!

Rebel said...

oh yay! Glad you're back to sewing. I love the scrapy quilt!

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